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When singer Akriti Kakar tied the knot.

Listening to Akriti Kakar talk about her significant other feels like they’ve been together forever.

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Kalki through the looking-glass

As we entered Amy Billimoria’s House of Design in Juhu, Mumbai, we knew we were not in Kansas anymore. The store exudes a happy feeling. From the décor of the store to the clothes housed within it, we could tell that this was going to be a departure from a traditional bridal makeover.

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Sonam and Paras Modi share their marriage mantra…

We met at a common friend’s wedding in Lonavla, after which we started meeting almost twice a week with friends. We got along like a house on fire; it felt so comfortable talking to each other, it was like we were long lost friends. The initial courtship felt more like a game of hide and seek. We didn’t want to tell people yet as we were still getting to know each other.

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25 Jan

Travel skincare tips for brides-to-be

Planning a royal-themed destination wedding? Whatever be the temperature of the place you’re jetting off to, our experts offer skincare advice to get your skin in top-notch shape in time for your big day

Although a lot of fun, destination weddings can upset your skincare routine, especially if you’re the bride. Dr Jamuna Pai, Cosmetologist, Blush Clinic, elaborates, “In a new place, to find someone who understands your skin can be quite challenging. So avoid going to a new salon by completing all treatments and/or facial just before you are scheduled to travel. Have all your trials done well in advance to avoid any last-minute setback.”


30 days to take off

A month before your wedding is a good time to get a de-tan treatment using a mild exfoliating peel at the hands of an experienced doctor. If there is any associated peeling of the skin after the procedure, there will be enough time for you to heal and enjoy the results before your big day. People with oily skin, on the other hand, are prone to acne. They should seek treatment for the same from an experienced dermatologist.

Seven days to the wedding

A facial helps in hydrating the skin. Also, the face massage included in a facial helps in improving blood circulation and thus, rejuvenates the skin. For oily skin, a clean-up will help in exfoliating dead cells. Do note that this should be done under an antibiotic cover after consulting an experienced doctor.

The last 24 hours

Exfoliation is the trick to glowing skin. The simplest and most effective way to exfoliate is to mix two teaspoons of milk powder with a teaspoon of sugar granules to make a paste. Rub your skin lightly with it and wash off to reveal smooth skin. For oily skin, apply a mix of multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and rose water, which makes for a good drying and healing mask.


✔ Don’t try any new products/ treatments/ salons

✔ Don’t have too many late nights

✔ Don’t consume an excess of caffeinated products

—Inputs from Dr Jamuna Pai


30 days to take off

If you have hypersensitive skin, start by consulting a dermatologist. Use the right peels and medi-facials suitable to your skin. Most importantly, observe how your skin behaves—whether dry, oily or combination—to chalk out a plan with your dermatologist.

Seven days to the wedding

Whether temperate or cooler climate, it is important to not ignore the benefits of sunscreen and moisturiser application. Cold cream is suitable for a wedding hosted at a cooler locale. Lastly, to avoid chapped lips, don’t forget to apply petroleum jelly.

The last 24 hours

Dry skin tends to accumulate a lot of dead skin, so use malai (milk cream) and sugar to scrub your face. Gently scrubbing it will help your skin better absorb the moisturiser. Apply plenty of moisturiser after cleansing your face with a creamy face wash. Before you go to bed, apply under-eye and lip cream. Use thick nourishing cream and ensure it contains mild acids like AHA or BHA as they help tackle the dry, dead layer of your skin. If you have oily skin, use a milder face wash. Use products like mists and sprays to hydrate your skin.


✔ Don’t take long, hot baths

✔ Don’t forget to use sunscreen

✔ Apply petroleum jelly on the lips

✔ Avoid harsh acidic peels and microdermabrasion on sensitive and dry skin

—Inputs from Dr Rashmi Shetty, Cosmetologist, Dr Rashmi Shetty Clinic


Photos courtesy: Getty Images

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