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When singer Akriti Kakar tied the knot.

Listening to Akriti Kakar talk about her significant other feels like they’ve been together forever.

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Kalki through the looking-glass

As we entered Amy Billimoria’s House of Design in Juhu, Mumbai, we knew we were not in Kansas anymore. The store exudes a happy feeling. From the décor of the store to the clothes housed within it, we could tell that this was going to be a departure from a traditional bridal makeover.

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Sonam and Paras Modi share their marriage mantra…

We met at a common friend’s wedding in Lonavla, after which we started meeting almost twice a week with friends. We got along like a house on fire; it felt so comfortable talking to each other, it was like we were long lost friends. The initial courtship felt more like a game of hide and seek. We didn’t want to tell people yet as we were still getting to know each other.

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18 Apr

Top 5 romantic getaways

Be it the endearing Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the historical Trevi Fountain or the vibrant Empire State Building, there’s one emotion binding them all—love

River Seine and Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

A city that boasts as the romantic capital of the world— where couples from all over the world come to simply bask in the many untold love stories hidden in the by-lanes— Paris was the place where Napolean Bonaparte met his wife and the love of his life Josephine De Beuharnais. He loved her so much that apparently his last words were, “France, armée, tête d’armée, Joséphine,” which translates into ‘France, army, head of the army, Joséphine’ (Napolean remembered his late wife on his deathbed acknowledging her status at the same level as that of France thus, making her a part of his destiny forever). Paris has some beautiful monuments that add to the aura of the place. It is located in the north of France and on the River Seine. The river too is of great significance to Parisians as lovers started hanging locks with special messages engraved on them, on the railings of the bridge over the river. They throw the key in the river wishing to be with their loved ones forever. The belief is that this would lock their souls together.

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

On a candid note, if they say money can’t buy you love, they clearly haven’t been to this archetypal artistry in Rome, the Trevi Fountain (Fontana de Trevi). Legend states that if a person drops one coin in the fountain in a particular style, they are bound to return to Rome; dropping two coins guarantees love; while the third coin guarantees marriage. So far goes the belief that the fountain collects over 600,000 Euros every year. Sprawling wide over 60 feet, the fountain is one of the biggest in Europe, with magnificent baroque style architecture. The fountain is always thronged by visitors and you have to shove and push a little to make your way through or click any pictures. There is a small fountain on the left-hand side named the ‘fountain of the lovers’ with an associating legend that whoever drinks water from this fountain remains faithful to his/her partner.


Juliet’s Balcony, Verona, Italy

To some it may be just a fictional tragedy, while to others an epic romantic saga; whatever the belief is, there is nothing stopping couples from thronging to the vintage city of Verona in reverence of these star-crossed lovers. Decked with 14th century gothic style architecture, Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s house is on every couple’s to-visit list since the town of Verona formed the backdrop of the famous Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. History has it that the house belonged to the Dal Capello family, a name not too far from the Capulet family of the novel and was purchased in 1905 by the city of Verona to boost tourism. The house perhaps has the most famous balcony in the world; according to the novel, this was where Romeo declared his undying love for Juliet over their surreptitious encounters.


The Empire State Building, New York, USA

Often observed in popular culture, The Empire State building in New York has perpetually witnessed the romantic rendezvous of estranged couples throughout centuries. Celebrated as a reunion spot for couples, this iconic building has made its mark in various cult movies like Sleepless in Seattle and Ted Mosby’s coveted ‘fun facts’ in How I Met Your Mother, among other classic art forms. One of the best places to catch sweeping views of the New York City skyline, you can see as far as 80 miles on a clear day, snuggled with your better half. Atop this building, many a romantic voyage have commemorated as New Yorkers often consider getting married or plan proposing to their spouse amidst the stunning views and quintessentially romantic hues this place provides. The 86th Storey observatory often sees couples romancing away against the breathtaking weather, hand-in-hand at the naturally idyllic setting of this building. You can get the best of both worlds at dusk while enjoying a secluded romantic retreat as the building is open till 2 am. Couples have often narrated incidents of their reunions and cozy encounters at this building, the most common retelling being the ‘Kiss atop the Empire State Building’


Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Well, words have fallen short to describe this marvel in marble for anyone who has seen this magnificent monument of love. History states that the Taj Mahal was created by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who he loved immensely and wished to immortalise through this marvelous masterpiece. Probably the nuances, which describe love in all their shades come to mind when someone mentions the mere name of this wonder. The Taj Mahal, literally translated to the ‘crown of palaces’is often the highlight of any tourist’s itinerary on visiting India, largely because of its stunning carvings and intricate artworks on marble. Rightly so, it has been declared as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World.’ Everything in the premises, right from the gardens, to the fountains, to the charming minarets, write a eulogy of devotion to enthrall lovers with yarns of commitment, dedication and love.


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