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When singer Akriti Kakar tied the knot.

Listening to Akriti Kakar talk about her significant other feels like they’ve been together forever.

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Kalki through the looking-glass

As we entered Amy Billimoria’s House of Design in Juhu, Mumbai, we knew we were not in Kansas anymore. The store exudes a happy feeling. From the décor of the store to the clothes housed within it, we could tell that this was going to be a departure from a traditional bridal makeover.

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Sonam and Paras Modi share their marriage mantra…

We met at a common friend’s wedding in Lonavla, after which we started meeting almost twice a week with friends. We got along like a house on fire; it felt so comfortable talking to each other, it was like we were long lost friends. The initial courtship felt more like a game of hide and seek. We didn’t want to tell people yet as we were still getting to know each other.

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13 Nov

Here’s how you can introduce the beauty of nature in your home

Like the mood-lifting quality of green spaces, botanical motifs and influences have a way of brightening up our homes

Whether it’s a festival or a wedding, flowers are an integral part of Indian customs and rituals. They even feature prominently in one’s trousseau reinforcing the fact that nature continues to be an endless source of inspiration for designers across various streams—from fashion to jewellery and even home décor. And if you are keen to incorporate the freshness and beauty of greenery in your space, here are the different ways to do so.



The easiest way to imbibe this trend is to choose nature-inspired wallpaper. Depending on the space, look and tone, pick a bold or subtle print for your accent wall. While a bigger or bolder print might create more of an impact, it can get overwhelming, so choose wisely. “Dramatic wall enhancements coupled with equally dramatic furniture is the secret to ace this trend,” says Meenu Agarwal, Founder and Principal Designer, MADS Creations. So, combine the two for a winning combination. “Pick a floral wallpaper with a base colour in ivory or mint and team it with bold coloured upholstery. On the other hand, dark-hued wallpaper will complement soft furnishings in ivory or white and floral print cushions. Be sure to highlight the wall with suitable lighting—warm instead of white—while keeping the rest of the palette muted alongside natural toned floors and a bare ceiling,” adds Agarwal.

DÉCOR TIP: “The other rule of thumb is to juxtapose these prints against a plain or monochrome background—one that highlights the print and offsets the noise and busyness of the pattern,” explains Anu Kumar, Founder, Mora Taara.And with Living Coral declared as Pantone’s colour of the year, it’s a great time to design your home with peony or pressed rose hues.

29 Apr

Add a lavish touch to your home decor

Any apartment can be transformed into an opulent retreat with just a few striking details. FWT shows you how to ensure that your home exudes luxury and relaxation


“Small things make a big impact in making homes look opulent. The idea these days is to keep the interiors simple and elegant and play with accessories to add character. Opulence comes with a sense of space such as floating furniture, intelligent use of glass and wall mirrors, and openness, which implies effective use of day light; no part of the house should be too busy or cluttered,” says Rashi Bajaj, Principal Designer and Proprietor, Carpet Couture. Some things remain common for any room. For instance, picking the right mood lighting can make a huge difference to your home. Low-wattage bulbs or even tinted pink lights can cast a glow around any room and instantly make the space look not just luxurious, but also romantic. Natural light during the day can be a wonderful highlight for crystal statues, art and embellishments.

“As far as colour is concerned, think rich palettes or jewel tones. In terms of colours, gold, white, black are three hues that reflect and add luxury to any room. White reflects elegance, black is the colour of charm and gold has the appeal of royalty. By simply incorporating these themes in your home, the plush look that you have always been looking for is achieved,” says Meenakshi Taneja, Executive Director, Casa Shamuzzi, India. Use statement pieces that stand out in each room. Bright, colourful cushions can enliven any room. “Statuettes can be in a variety of materials like mosaic, jade and crystal, and can add a touch of glamour to any space,” says Rakhi Mahajan, Joint Brand Director, Ishana—The Conscience One. Another way of adding panache to your home is to paint the doors and window panes in a stark colour like black, as it instantaneously adds appeal. Even flat panel doors exhibit a richer look with black polish. Be careful while adding the sparkle effect in any room and ensure that it is not overdone. Just one to two décor pieces add enough luxury to any room. “A home full of art instantly screams luxury living. If you’re not able to dress your walls with expensive art, you can still find some great bargains to give that luxury feel. Photography is huge right now, so is contemporary art. Rather than heading to the same bog-standard homeware shops, look a little further. Pop across to that hip art gallery down the road. It may set you back a little more, but it instantly creates individuality and puts your home right in the luxury bracket,” says Meenakshi.

25 Apr

Bring home the best of then and now

Bright looks good with subtle; big looks good with small; plain looks good with exciting; and new looks good with the old! Yes, opposites can work wonders and this holds true for interiors too. This season, go all-out to give your contemporary home a touch of the past

Decorating a home with furniture, styles, colours and patterns of similar family might be fashionable, but it can also be boring at the same time. To bring an element of excitement and add whimsy to home interiors, interior designers and decorators now stress on the need to showcase contrasts within a home. The verdict says, ‘Nothing can be more appealing and dramatic in today’s new-age home than a blast from the past.’



The mid-20th century saw a dramatic outpouring of creativity in architecture and design. Designs with mystical, yet sweeping lines and surprising elements came to the fore. With the passage of time, these designs, especially in furniture and interiors, became the glorious past and people moved on to welcome straight, sleek and contemporary designs. But as they say, what goes around comes around! The mid-century designs, especially in furniture, is back with a bang and is now enjoying a resurgence as a popular choice for households across the country. The fact that buyers are now willing to pay high prices for authentic mid-century pieces testifies to the genius of what is called our ‘vintage charm’.

23 Apr

A home away from home

‘Leaving on a jet plane’ can be a dispiriting experience for a newly married couple. However, the sinking feeling of leaving your country and culture can be turned into an exciting experience. Adorn your house with all that’s ‘Indian’ for that home-like feel

A happy couple takes their vows, cuts the cake and rides into the glorious sunset. The end? Not entirely. An exciting beginning? Most definitely! Many newlyweds while moving abroad go through a bittersweet emotional conundrum—while going abroad seems like an exciting beginning to their married life, leaving the country and culture behind can be a depressing prospect. However, as many believe, home is where the heart is; if your house can take you back to your culture and traditions, then all corners, distances and geographies merge into one—a place you can truly call home!

‘Indian-ness’, if you can call it that, is something that is embedded in our genes. Be it an Indian immigrant or an Indian globetrotter, living the quintessential Indian life abroad and preferring surroundings that are, so to speak, desi, is a characteristic feature typical to all of us. So, while designing the dream home abroad, many Indians consciously incorporate Indian aesthetic sensibilities. Here’s a look at how you can pack a mini India in your suitcase and decorate your home in a manner which always makes you feel at home!

19 Apr

Home is where heart is

Timeless. That’s what your home becomes if every corner of it reflects love. So if you want your home to come alive, all you need to add is a pinch of emotion and a personalised touch to the décor

Home that’s eternal

Everybody makes an effort to reflect their personalities and love in their home décor. Conclusion: Emotions do form an integral part of home décor. And experts only agree to this. As Ishika Taneja, Executive Director, Alps Beauty Clinic and interior designer, puts it, “Home décor can bring in different emotions like feeling of warmth and comfort in cold, dreary winters, to elegance and excitement during the festive season. Home interiors and décor can go a long way in setting the mood right.” Ishika’s love for travel has been beautifully depicted in the Eiffel Tower wallpaper put at the entrance of her home. While doing up the interiors of her home, interior designer Shibani Chopra made sure she gave the love of her life adequate space.

While her grandmother’s harmonium is given the centre space, right in the middle of the lobby area, her son Zubair’s room is made such that even a young teenage boy would feel at home here. It is a large room with a writing desk, a bean bag and of course, framed soccer posters. The eye-catching element in this room is his first shoes, framed and hung on the wall.

17 Apr

A beach in the bath!

With great mirror work, aqua colour schemes, large windows, super vanity systems and complementary faucets and tiles, aquatic lovers can create their very own Caribbean beach within the confines of their home


What started as a trend for freestanding roll-top baths in hotel bedrooms has now morphed into one for residential projects as well. The new master bedroom/bathroom/lounge suites challenge the conventional notions by incorporating themes like aqua or marine. Once an unheard concept, such themes are now definitely gaining popularity in the Indian market, thanks to the growing need to have some relaxing moments after a hard day’s work.

“A bathroom is a space where one spends time unwinding, under the shower. An open air bath gives the feeling of being connected to nature and can add a decadent and exotic touch to your home,” says, Richa M Vidhani, an interior designer. Parushni Aggarwal, an interior designer,  says: “Earlier, bathroom designs and styles used to emphasise only on utility and lighting. But nowadays, we see the inclusion of theme-based bathrooms that are gaining immense popularity the world over.” Aqua and marine-themed bathroom styles are becoming popular as it provides a soothing mood inspired by natural colours and textures of the seashore. “In today’s hectic life, people love to be around nature and it’s a good idea to create such an ambience in your bathroom. The supporting concepts/styles of this theme are also a growing trend. An open bathroom lends a spacious look and adds value to the design aesthetics to create an atmosphere wherein you can spend quality relaxing time,” adds Parushni.

Rajiv Merchant, CEO and co-founder of a home upholstery line, feels that a bathroom should be welcoming yet unusual; different yet startling. “Creating an aqua or marine-themed bathroom can be refreshing. It can be a pleasant break for people who love the outdoors and the sea, but don’t get the time to be out there. With the interiors industry growing, you can actually turn your dreams into reality. The various theme-based residential projects coming up go to show that people now love to explore and live it up,” explains Rajiv.

15 Apr

When home décor transcend borders

Marriage brings together not just two people but also two cultures in many cases; the reflections of which, if weaved into home décor, can transform your house into a culturally-rich home


In today’s time, home styling has become an intrinsic part of life and one that goes much beyond the visible. The home space is passionately created and re-created to depict and reflect the life and style of the owners. And if a couple comes from different backgrounds, then their home becomes even more exciting, visually-rich and a melting pot of cultures! Subtle yet classy personal touches given by each of the partners not only enhance the interiors, but also convert a home into an exciting world. For example, little knick-knacks placed by both partners immediately depict the fact that although the owners of the house love to explore and experiment, they still respect their roots. “Cultural diversity and affinity, when depicted in home décor, almost instantly tells a lot about the resident’s respect for the country as a whole. If the partners are from two different states, and if their home décor transgresses the boundaries, their home becomes eclectic,” says interior designer Priya Kataria.

12 Apr

Bidding adieu to the bachelor pad

The life of a bachelor is very different from that of a family man. And so is his home. FWT takes a sneak peek into how love can convert his pad into a home for two

A bachelor pad conjures up various images in our minds. Generally, when you think of a bachelor pad, what comes to mind is an unkempt room, single bed, clothes strewn around, unwashed dishes, small wardrobe, huge posters on the walls and all that look chaotic to anybody who steps in this space, except the owner! For the owner, it is his den he loves to inhabit without anybody’s interference. But as they say, change is the only constant; there comes a time in life when a bachelor has to let go off his den. This is the time when the king of the house decides to bring a queen into his life. The big question then is: how does one convert a bachelor pad into a home for two?

9 Apr

Quirky tips for a chic home décor

A splash of colour complementing quirky, out-of-the-box décor pieces is enough to lift your mood at home

Bedroom tales

Where a drastic change is not an option, transcendence of colour and brightness can be introduced with the use of décor pieces, including furniture pieces like a chair, chest of drawers, or by simply using throws, rugs and cushions. “Bring your bedroom to life by adding you in each corner,” says Monica Khanna, interior designer, Delhi Design Store. Small changes in small spaces can have a big impact. “Posters, for instance, are a great way to display something that you are passionate about. A poster is a piece of history in digitally saturated times where ‘handwork’ does not find many takers,” says interior designer Arti Singh.

5 Apr

When home décor needs detailing

Textures that stand out, colours that are magical, fabrics that lure and themes that are straight out of a dream— au courant interiors focus on these details

Comfy furnishing

A cosy bed looks incomplete without soft snug linen and accessories. Talk about the furnishing trends of the season and you will see various interpretations of Indian culture through design. “Indians are culturally driven; hence, Indian-inspired décor products always find a place in our homes. The designs and patterns are inspired from various parts of the country, which will be seen in the fabrics,” says Amrit Borkakoty, Proprietor, Serenity Blissful Living, adding that simple looking walls can be made attractive and colourful with fabric wall art panels.

Nirav Meswani, Director, Surprise Home Linen, opines, “Motifs from Japan, India and even Africa will be seen along with traditional English colours as well as patterns like drummonds and chevrons. Accent colours, especially neons will gain importance and so will metallic tints. Textures and neutrals will continue to be in trend.”