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When singer Akriti Kakar tied the knot.

Listening to Akriti Kakar talk about her significant other feels like they’ve been together forever.

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Kalki through the looking-glass

As we entered Amy Billimoria’s House of Design in Juhu, Mumbai, we knew we were not in Kansas anymore. The store exudes a happy feeling. From the décor of the store to the clothes housed within it, we could tell that this was going to be a departure from a traditional bridal makeover.

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Sonam and Paras Modi share their marriage mantra…

We met at a common friend’s wedding in Lonavla, after which we started meeting almost twice a week with friends. We got along like a house on fire; it felt so comfortable talking to each other, it was like we were long lost friends. The initial courtship felt more like a game of hide and seek. We didn’t want to tell people yet as we were still getting to know each other.

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25 Apr

Home decorating tips during the lockdown

While you’re confined to your home for the indefinite future, experts show how couples can use this time to reorganise and redecorate the different spaces in the apartment

A home is known to have a significant impact on its inhabitants, meeting both their practical and psychological needs. Since an organised and clutter-free space improves mood and increases productivity, home decor experts feel that now is a good time to redecorate your home and create an environment that you love. Interior designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director, I’m The Centre for Applied Arts, says, “Even the slightest change in your surroundings can bring about a positive change in the relationship. And doing this activity as a couple brings about a greater degree of understanding and maturity in the relationship.” So, here are a few ideas to lighten up the mood at home during the lockdown.


Declutter and organise

Now that you’ve spent considerable time indoors, you’ve come to realise the need for breathable, free spaces. Use this time to organise the things you own and take stock of stuff that you want to give away. Kalra says, “A well-organised space enhances the visual appeal, keeps it user-friendly, and maintains a convivial ambience. To maintain a connection with our exterior surroundings, good ventilation and natural lighting should also be ensured within the house.”


Space jam

The more we stay in, the more we need to adapt our spaces for activities such as exercising, introspection and entertainment. Create defined spaces such as a reading corner or a workout/wellness space that will allow the both of you to enjoy your individual space and time. Kalra asserts, “The existing furniture can be rearranged to open out the living room and the semi-private areas to create hindrance-free usage or to maximise comfortable seating for cosy reading spots. The easiest way is to go minimal without going bare—group similar objects in clusters of three to create a natural symmetry.”

9 Apr

Free wellness apps to download during this lockdown

From meditation techniques to sleep pattern analysis, these wellness apps are designed to help you find your calm in the chaos

The uncertainty of the lockdown has triggered a range of anxieties. This isolated lifestyle is proving to be a challenge for some, therefore, making it imperative for everyone to take care of their health and well-being. In fact, several wellness apps have made their premium services available for free for users to stay mentally fit while homebound.


Down Dog 

Touted as one of the best yoga apps, Down Dog allows you to explore the various forms of yoga practice in the comfort of your home. Unlike other yoga apps that have pre-recorded videos, Down Dog boasts of over 60,000 configurations that will ensure your sessions are not repeated. Users can choose from 6 different yoga teachers and a voice of their preference; moreover, it’s also available in 9 languages and various English-speaking accents. To help people stay active during the outbreak, Down Dog has decided to make the app free for all its users until May 1 and for students, teachers and healthcare professionals until July 1.

Available on: iOS and Android

3 Apr

Fitness apps to download this lockdown

To keep you on track with your fitness goals, we’ve rounded up a few workout applications that can help you stay fit while at home

A new normal is being shaped as we adapt to this way of at-home living. It’s also made us alter our fitness routines, as we are forced to embrace the rules of social distancing during this lockdown. However, being confined to your home needn’t stop you from staying fit. Here are some apps to keep you moving; choose what suits your fitness requirements.


Nike Training Club

In view of the lockdown, Nike has decided to make all of its Nike Training Club Premium workouts free until further notice. This app offers focused routines that target abs and core, arms and shoulders, glutes and legs, along with strength, endurance and mobility workouts. If you’re facing space constraints at home, make sure to check out their ‘big workouts for small spaces’ section. While consistency is the key, the app also makes sure that you get enough rest after a particularly intense week of workout, by adjusting your workout frequency and updating your plan. The app also offers celebrity-guided workouts featuring athletes like Serena Williams and Simone Biles and singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding among others.

Available on: iOS and Android



Before you begin training, the app prompts you to take a fitness test and based on the results, customises a workout for you. With over 900 variations, this app allows users to train anywhere with workouts that are challenging and that take between 10 and 25 minutes. The free version of the app offers The Coach, which is a digital personal trainer, whereas in-app purchases will give you access to the premium training feature.

Available on: iOS and Android

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